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Hi, we are Love Sidekick: we help find men find their life partners – using a proven psychology method discovered by scientists in the 1970s.

When we discovered this dating technique, we were dumbfounded that no one else knew about it. We wanted to shout to the world from the highest mountaintops what we just discovered…

Our mission: Love Sidekick was founded with one purpose – to help men find and attract the love of their life (that is, a compatible life partner).

We know how difficult dating is for men:
• rejection is sky high
• conversation with women can be awkward
• finding a compatible partner feels impossible, after going on dates with women who you just don’t “click” with
• divorce and breakup rates are over 40%

Our method solves the vast majority of these problems.

This is the only technique that solves both dating and relationship compatibility issues. Most online advice focuses on just dating, ignoring the compatibility angle (which wastes a lot of your time, because why date people who aren’t compatible with you?).

This method shortcuts the dating process, allowing you to instantly spot
which women are compatible with you and easily attract them – while avoiding the women most likely to reject or dump you.

If you apply this method, then:
• You do not need silly pickup lines or tricks.
• You instantly bond with women, making them feel like they’ve known you for years
• She’s guaranteed to be a compatible relationship partner.

We’ve used this method ourselves and have helped hundreds of men build dating fluency and find their life partners.

Our mission is to share this method with you.

Be the next success story. One study has shown that this technique alone is responsible for bringing together over an estimated 10 million couples as happy, compatible life partners.

Do you fit any of these categories? Let us help you:

You’re Confused

You simply don’t know how to navigate this dating scene. You’ve had little experience or no experience. Where do you start now?

You’re Uncomfortable

Bars aren’t your scene, online dating is a weird concept, and women don’t seem approachable. In this new world of dating, how do you make the first move?

You’re fed up

It takes a lot to put yourself out there but even when you do, you get shot down. What are you doing wrong?


After 7 years of singlehood, Pete found the woman of his dreams
“I came in with low expectations. However, after going through Liam’s program, I was extremely impressed. His insights are proven, actionable, and best of all, they are easy to follow. He literally spoonfeeds the transformation to you. There were ideas in there that completely opened my eyes into the dating world and what women want – things I never knew before, and I felt like I was reborn (like Neo in the Matrix seeing the lines of code – hah!). At first, I was angry at myself for not knowing these things earlier. However, I kept with it. I had a few hiccups in the beginning, but the techniques are extremely effective. In my first week, I went on over 10 dates, with over 80% of the women asking for a second date. Soon after, I found the love of my life :-). I am now engaged to the wonderful woman whom I can gladly call my other half.”

Pete L.

What people say about us

Check out what people have been saying about us.

Jared C., 24

Events Coordinator

“I found Liam’s advice invaluable. He is insightful, realistic, and you know he loves what he does. I got myself in a deep friendzone with one of my close girl friends. Liam helped me get a real date with her.”

Michael G., 35

IT Analyst

“I never had a serious girlfriend before getting Liam’s help. His method is not easy, but it completely changed how I viewed the dating landscape. I now have been with my girlfriend for 5 months because of Liam and we’re planning a future trip to Italy.”

Patrick M., 47

Quality Control Lead

“Any previous notions I had about dating at 47 have been remolded with an optimistic view of the future. With Liam’s guidance, I can finally put myself back out there with confidence – after years of self-doubt and confusion.”


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