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We know how difficult dating can be

Finding a compatible partner can feel nearly impossible.

You may be asking yourself:
• Where can I find beautiful women who will be interested in me?
• What do I say?
• How do I avoid rejection?

Don't worry. We have the solution

When we discovered this dating technique, we wanted to run out onto the streets and shake every single man we found, sharing with them our newfound knowledge.

With this method, you do not need silly pickup lines or tricks. It instantly bonds women with you, making them feel like they’ve known you for years… And there’s a bonus benefit – it guarantees she’s compatible as your life partner.

This method allows you to avoid the women most likely to reject or dump you.

We’ve used this method ourselves and have helped hundreds of men build dating fluency and find their life partners.

Attract the woman of your dreams, fast

Discovered in the 1970s, this method empowers you to identify if a woman is compatible with you as your life partner and attract her fast.

  • Improve your odds of attraction by 10x
  • Virtually eliminate rejection
  • Make her chase you

We have proven results

Having a method is great and all. But does it work? Absolutely. Take a look at some of our student testimonials.


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About us

At Love Sidekick, we realized that most dating tips were ineffective, and even harmful. They were overly focused on cheesy tactics to impress women you may not even like.

After experimenting with dozens of attraction methods, we finally discovered the only proven method, the Holy Grail of dating techniques, that helps men identify and attract their life partners

We began with one mission in mind, to help men find their life partners. 

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What our clients are saying

“I never had a serious girlfriend before getting Liam’s help. His method completely changed how I viewed the dating landscape. I now have been with my girlfriend for 5 months because of Liam and we’re planning a future trip to Italy.”

Jared C.
Events Coordinator

“Any previous notions I had about dating at 47 have been remolded with an optimistic view of the future. With Liam’s guidance, I can finally put myself back out there with confidence – after years of self-doubt and confusion.”

Patrick M.
Quality Control Lead

“Liam takes a research-based approach which sets him apart from the plague of pseudoscience and pickup artistry usually found in the industry.”

- The NYC Journal

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At Love Sidekick, we help men find their dream partner using a revolutionary dating technique.