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When did we start?

Love Sidekick began conducting research in June 2010. After experimenting with dozens of attraction methods, we finally discovered the only proven method, the Holy Grail of dating techniques, that helps men identify and attract their life partners fast.

Why do we do this?

After many grueling years of trial and error, we fine-tuned this technique to work in any dating context – regardless of your age, race, income, or height. However, we don’t want to keep this knowledge to ourselves. Our mission is to help all men discover the greatest joy in life – finding and sharing life with your other half.

Proof of success

Psychological research from HSE University first proved this method’s success in a dating context. After additional research and tweaking, we have helped over 2,300 students learn and apply this method.

Learn it now before this knowledge becomes widespread

This method is extremely effective. We are firm believers that this knowledge will be widely taught and spread throughout schools, universities, and other organizations.

Our Team

Meet the team behind LoveSidekick.com

Liam Wood

Washington, USA

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Site Admin
California, USA


Circa July 2022
San Diego, USA

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